TPS-Therapy - Outpatient application at the NEURO-INSTITUTE Germany

Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS®) in practice

TPS Alzheimer therapy - application at the Neuro Institute GermanyThe shock wave therapy TPS® is performed six times within two to three weeks on an outpatient basis. Each treatment session usually lasts about 30 minutes.

After a detailed anamnesis, for which please bring an MRI (magnetic resonance tomography) of the head as well as previous findings from your treating doctor, we begin with the first treatment and determine the further appointments.

At the beginning of the treatment, we feed your personal MRI data into the NEUROLITH®. This is the shock wave device used to perform TPS®.

NEUROLITH - BodyTrack-System - Head Measurement - Neuro-Institute GermanyThen we measure the patient’s head so that the BodyTrack® system, a software in the device, can document the course of treatment in real time. We then see together on the screen during the therapy exactly which part of the head we are treating.

We then wet the head with an ultrasound gel so that we can transport the shock waves, which we deliver to the skull via a hand applicator, specifically and effectively into the brain. Don’t worry: no hair needs to be trimmed or even shaved off! At the end of the therapy session, residues of the gel are gently removed again.

TPS therapy - Treatment - Ultrasound - relaxed - Neuro-Institute GermanyThe patient sits relaxed in an armchair during the therapy, relatives or other accompanying persons can of course be present during the treatment. Within approx. 30 minutes, we then apply approx. 6,000 individual, short shock wave impulses. Of course you can hear the shock waves in the room, after all they are sound waves, but the patient feels at most a very slight tingling sensation on the head when we slowly run the applicator over the head.

During the treatment, you can have a relaxed conversation or simply enjoy the therapy or, if necessary, sleep.

At the end of the treatment session and after cleaning the scalp and hair from the gel, patients and their companions can go home or do any activities they want or need to do. There are no restrictions on eating, drinking or other activities.

Note: Existing medications are not interrupted! The patient continues to take prescribed medication or food supplements!