Prof. (Universität Charkiv, Ukraine) Dr. med. Wolfgang Bauermeister

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Bauermeister - Neuroinstitute München

Wolfgang Bauermeister studied medicine in Hamburg and did his doctorate in the field of behavioural medicine at the Department of Psychiatry at UKE – Universitätskrankenhaus Eppendorf. His main areas of practice were initially internal medicine and later anaesthesiology, with many years as an emergency doctor. His special interest in pain and rehabilitation medicine led him to the USA because there were no adequate training opportunities in Europe. Thanks to a scholarship for “Experimental Laser Therapy” in pain medicine, he started his career as a pain specialist in Santa Monica, California. Shortly afterwards, he opened a pain management practice in Beverly Hills, California and then in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where he served as founder and president of the American Pain Foundation. To crown his 8-year stay in the USA, he completed a residency in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PMR) at the renowned TUFTS Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts.
Finally, he returned to his home country of Germany, where he has remained until today because of love. As head physician at various specialist clinics, he applied his special knowledge from the USA in the field of rehabilitation medicine, pain and trauma therapy. At the beginning of the 1990s he founded his private pain institute in Munich and developed, among other things, the “Trigger Shock Wave Therapy” (TST) and evaluated it together with the “Trigger Shock Wave Diagnostics”, among others with the University of Witten/Herdecke. As a pioneer in research and in the use of ultrasound elastography to visualise pain triggers – trigger points – Prof. Bauermeister has made a name for himself worldwide.

The book author and author of numerous scientific publications works as a university lecturer at the Charkiv National Medical University in Ukraine. There, dramatically hampered by the war, he trained colleagues and students in the fields of rehabilitation and sports medicine in the use of ultrasound elastography, shock wave therapy and repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation. The online teaching made necessary by the Corona pandemic enables him to continue his work even under wartime conditions. Prof. Bauermeister supervises doctoral, master and bachelor candidates at various German universities with a research focus on his special diagnostics and therapy.

The application of the new shock wave therapy: Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS) is a logical extension of his therapy offer, which Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bauermeister now also accompanies scientifically and which led to the foundation of the “Neuroinstitute München”.